Coda Dog


"Coda Dog"

I am Coda dog. Do you know what is Coda dog?
My mom is Deaf. Her name is Yumi, who is a Japanese woman.
She has been lived in USA for 7 and half year.

I was born in USA and I am a member of AKC.
My mom looked for me in order to get a hearing dog through my handler.
Do you know handler?
Have you seen a dog show?
The handler handles a show dog.

I met my mom, Yumi, in summer.
I remembered that my mom told me “What is this? Baby bear?”
Her speaking is strange. She speaks English, but…???
I noticed she speak two language, English and Japanese.

Her friends and she are a bit wired.
They are not speaking well.
But they use Sign Language.
What is it?

I learned from my mom.
I thought I do not need to listen and react.
Because my mom always does not react any sound.
One day, my mom asked me to response sound.

My mom is Deaf and use Sign Language well.
My mom taught me a lot of Sign Language.
My behavior is like deaf.
I have deaf and dog culture.
But I do not understand hearing culture.

I always look my mom’s face and hands.
I always look around.
I always follow my mom.
I am always beside my mom.

I have face expression
Because my mom always have it too
I can understand my mom’s hand
I am a Coda (Children of Deaf Adult) dog.

I hate to see when hearing people does not use sign language to my mom
I can smell who is hearing
I can smell who belittle to my mom
I can recognize who is hearing or Deaf.

I am happy to see sign language
I am not happy to listen voice.
When people speak me, I hate it and avoid
Or I will bark back

by yummypon | 2010-06-26 00:28 | sammy

I am hearing dog for Yummy

by yummypon
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